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May 10, 2010

Jungians Rising

Cover art: Carl Jung’s Red Book

The Library of Congress is hosting a symposium June 19, 2010 to consider the significance of Jung’s long concealed Red Book, edited by mystic Sonu Shamdasani. I consider the popular adoration of Carl Jung a calamity, and have blogged frequently about his nefarious influence on the humanities and in education. Here are the links to my prior blogs with material gathered over a period of decades.

I also recommend that readers of these blogs consult the two books on Jung and Jungians by Richard Noll. They should put to rest any idea that Jung was not a racist and anti-semite. Noll’s books are The Jung Cult and The Aryan Christ.


  1. Clare, thanks for the kind words about work I did some 20 years ago during my “salad days.”. They were certainly products of their peculiar historical era.

    Comment by Richard Noll — September 5, 2015 @ 7:39 pm | Reply

    • I read The Aryan Christ at a time when I was debating Jung with a leftist United Church of Christ minister. He loved Jung, and incorporated him into his sermons, which were virtually incoherent. There was very little of Jesus in them, and a lot of weird mystical nonsense.

      Comment by Harry Lewis — September 6, 2015 @ 12:01 am | Reply

  2. […] Briefly, Freud saw repressed sexuality as the source of hysteria and other psychosomatic ailments, and leaned heavily on the Oedipus complex, but few had the money and time to indulge in the “talking cure.” And who wanted to recognize ambivalence within families, or lifelong troubled attachments to the parent of the opposite sex? Freud’s colleague Carl Jung was a different story: he saw Freud’s Id as a source of creativity (as opposed of everyday unhappiness), and many a Jungian analyst used Jung’s dubious theory of archetypes to treat their clients. In the battle of the titans: Jung versus Freud, the younger man penetrated school curricula and the practice of social psychology. (For my copious blogs on Jung and his followers see […]

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  3. […] whose occasional formulation of universal archetypes was a sop to his liberal followers. (See […]

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  4. […] Keep in mind that many of Freud’s original writings were published before the events of the 20th century, with horrors such as the Great War leading to innovations in his repertoire, for instance “the death wish” or a general pessimism regarding the human condition (“everyday unhappiness”), not to speak of his attack on all religion as infantile regression in The Future of An Illusion (1928). But the Freudians today are few and cater to an older, usually moneyed urban clientele, while it is the Jungians whose influence has penetrated into popular culture and even school curricula, owing perhaps to Jung’s postulation of a racially-specific unconscious that blends well with racialist theories of multiculturalism. (For my numerous blogs on Jung and Jungians, see […]

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  5. […] (includes three blogs on Murray and sadomasochism) […]

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  6. […] that Freud was even more disreputable than Marx (though both, unlike Carl Jung, were verboten. See This is an intellectual calamity, for Freud, who wrote about the horrors of civilized countries […]

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