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January 4, 2011

The Nanny State

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Eric Gill

[This was originally a comment on Pajamas Media, “Liberal Fascism: The Font,” by Ed Driscoll. I reread my comment and liked it enough to post the whole thing here: ( note that Ayn Rand lived in a Richard Neutra house in Chatworth, CA  for seven years)]

To call everything spawned by the Bauhaus an example of “liberal fascism” is absurd. Please see my blog on Jonah Goldberg’s awful book here: I don’t like the sexist phrase “nanny state” either. How did paternalistic social democracy get to be associated with mommy or surrogate mothers? Anyone who looks at the working class housing in Germany between the wars would have to be impressed by the beauty of its design. And women architects were designing elsewhere interiors that required less housework. Do these anti-modernists also condemn the spare simplicity of Japanese gardens? Do they have any idea how many servants are required to keep up the Victorian or even Georgian styles of architecture and decor? And early America also produced furniture we now prize as proto-modernist. Order and authority? Only to someone who still resents his mother and wishes that she keep that polishing cloth in her hand instead of hassling her slob of a son. Now if you want to see clear cut perverted classicism, check out Eric Gill whose designs celebrated the most reactionary forms of Catholicism.

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