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March 28, 2011

Index to multiculturalism blogs

As I have shown throughout this website, the turn to “cultural history” or “multiculturalism” marked a sea change in the writing of American history. But few have traced the intellectual history of multiculturalism. I attribute this to an upper-class “moderate” response to movements from below. Here are a few of the blogs I have written that trace this widespread social pedagogy to its origins in the reaction of German Romantics to the “mechanical materialists” of the earlier 18th century French Enlightenment, though tribalism (ethnic ties) has a long history in human history. (quotes Herman Melville’s White-Jacket) (on Gemeinschaft vs. Gesellschaft as defined by Toennies) (Read this first!)


  1. […] As I discovered when first conducting my Melville research, finding the relevant context for artists and their critics (or for our own cherished beliefs) is a challenge. For instance, Freudians will focus on Melville’s family situation; Marxists will scrutinize him for class, racial, and gender prejudices; “progressives” attempting to co-opt both Freud and Marx will, and have, looked at his family very selectively, and then will praise him to the extent that they believe that he generally reflects their own “moderation.” If they have to suppress documents that contradict progressive notions, they will do that too. (See And the preferred “moderate” position is “multiculturalism” for it keeps us divided and racism and collective categories are  intact,. (See […]

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  2. […] (index to German Romantic sources for multiculturalism and related issues, such as identity politics) […]

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  3. […] (On German Romantic predecessors to political correctness) […]

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  4. […] in my work on the German Romantic predecessors to what is now called “multiculturalism.” [See  The lengthy quotes from Mordecai Grossman’s article are followed by a comment of […]

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  5. […] 2. “Identity politics” (the Social Democrat/progressive policy) that class ties were pre-empted by ethnic or racial ties. All my blogs on German Romanticism and the progressives are about this issue. (See […]

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  6. […] logic or in primitivism/exoticism. (For the racism inherent in “multiculturalism” see Briefly, it is believed that there are no universal ethics or universal facts, for diverse […]

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  7. […] in my work on the German Romantic predecessors to what is now called “multiculturalism.” [See  The quote from Mordecai Grossman’s article is followed by a comment of […]

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