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June 19, 2011

Index to links on Hitler and the Big Lie

[Update: I have reformatted this series to make it more user-friendly. See
Here is an index to an unpublished manuscript of mine that was years in the making. It was vetted by major scholars, and the reader will find copious footnotes in the text that survey the established literature on the subject. I know of nothing like it in the academic or popular literature. If you have time for only one segment, I recommend the last one, for it gets to the psychological nub of Hitler’s confusion and panic, but I have a special liking for the first one, where Hitler expresses his fear of romantic art. [I moved the footnotes to the text because the standard academic literature on Hitler and his appeal is appalling.]


  1. […] the misconceptions regarding Hitler and the Big Lie see Hitler blamed Jews and communists/social democracy for lying to the workers. He was the good […]

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  2. […] on Hitler and the Big Lie:, And some of their most prestigious members did recommend the use of materials created by Henry A. […]

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  3. […] This populist term of abuse (“money-grabbing”) led me to wonder if Orwell’s critique of Communism, Fascism, and “Ingsoc” in 1984 was not at least partly motivated by an aversion to the “jewification” often ascribed during his lifetime to the modern world.  [In prior blogs I have noted that Hitler had been assumed to carry cunning Jewish blood;  that Hitler himself viewed Soviet Communists as fronts for finance capital; and that J. A. Hobson’s influential study Imperialism (1905) blamed a conspiracy of wealthy Jews for war, which they instigated through their control of international finance and mass media (in his case, newspapers).] I am not concluding anything in particular about Orwell’s possible Jewish problem, but noting that it is worth exploring. (For pertinent blogs see,, and […]

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  4. […] who preferred Hitler-style demagogic tricks or Big Lies to Marxism as guides out of the Depression ( The imbibing of high culture and the rejection of consumerism would have prevented such […]

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  5. […] Index to links on Hitler and the Big Lie […]

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