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May 3, 2012

Index to blogs on education reform

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This series of blogs not only reviews  recent work on the reform of our education system, but points out disagreements in what is wrongly considered to be a unified establishment. Some of the blogs also insist upon the materialist epistemology of the Constitution. Culture warriors take note! (Read this one first) (my correspondence with Ravitch, contrasting Ravitch with Gary Nash) (retitled Diane Ravitch and the higher moderation) (A review of Terry M. Moe’s new book) (On the great dumbing down) (On Common Core curriculum)

Arne Duncan and Obama at play


  1. […] that I am making all this up. For my prior blogs on Diane Ravitch and other writers on reform, see They are assuredly too complicated for most […]

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  2. […] teachers, no matter how inept and unqualified, at the expense of learners in our country. (See Indeed, the teachers unions are major supporters of the Democratic Party, and numerous authors […]

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  3. I wonder what Oprah Winfrey thikns of Obama’s educational “reforms”…didn’t she endorse him while he was running for president? Hmmm, she is awfully quiet about the terrible situation teachers and students find themselves in now. And what would she say if asked about the violent student death statistics? Could someone do an interview with her and ask her what she thikns about endorsing Obama now?

    Comment by Kulanjani — June 11, 2012 @ 12:35 am | Reply

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