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December 18, 2012

Blogs on mental health

Virginia Woolf, suicide

Virginia Woolf, suicide

Most of this website is devoted to our political culture and its bizarre evasions of mental health issues. I blame this on an aversion to anything smacking of [the Jew] Freud and his followers in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytically-oriented therapies. We would rather look to religion, myths of the happy family, the notion that this is “the best of all possible worlds,” and pills as prescribed by much of the psychiatric profession. Our continued blindness to the psyche, our obliviousness to problematic institutions, and to problems in families will only lead to more mass deaths of the shocking character of Newtown, December 14, 2012.  We will continue to “undo” these preventable catastrophes in a desperate and fruitless attempt to escape from reality–whether from scapegoating or from premature diagnostics. (the ruling paradigm for mental health today) (on the Foucauldians) (retitled Holiday blues and unhappy families) (takes up the recent flap on Jamie Foxx on SNL) (don’t miss case 123, before and after: truly remarkable and awful) (some on military psychiatry, some on ideology of progressive psychologists and writers)


  1. […] independence: “Who’s over me? Truth hath no confines.”  (For related blogs see, and […]

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  2. […] Perhaps I am suffering from “oppositional defiant disorder” for taking issue with the British Leftists who have, in my experience, invaded America, for they dominated UCLA and other top schools while I was in graduate school during the 1980s and early 1990s. (See Surely, my shrink at UCLA (once a forensic psychiatrist in Massachusetts) thought that I was irrationally defiant in not knuckling under to authority, for he told me that after I had received the doctorate, much to his relief (or surprise?). As I have confessed before, it was confided to me by one in the know that my numerous critics referred to me as that “hysterical feminist.” Which was odd, for I viewed myself during those years as an old-fashioned Marxist, annoyed by the right-wing social democrats on the faculty who were sponsoring separatist ethnic and gender studies, and who were patently oblivious to the conflicts engendered by class position. I was chastised and mocked in private and public for deviance, for thinking that white male professors should catch up on their reading and integrate the latest scholarship on women and minorities. (For a partial index to my research on mental health theories see […]

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  3. Dear Clare,

    Wonderful blogs.

    However, the social dimension of human beings is not discussed enough.

    Human beings are social creatures. The human society is sick, and this sickness affect everybody.

    The terrible situation of mental health issues, at any level, from the scientifically and medical level to the public awareness and attention

    Is another proof of the deep sickness of our society.

    Asher Frohlich

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    clarespark posted: ” Virginia Woolf, suicide Most of this website is devoted to our political culture and its bizarre evasions of mental health issues. I blame this on an aversion to anything smacking o”

    Comment by Asher Frohlich — December 22, 2012 @ 3:19 pm | Reply

  4. You touch on some valid points, particularly with regards to our institutions. I lay blame squarely on our public/government schools. The current pedagogy practically demands these mangled minds become violent.

    Our culture has embraced irrationalism in word and deed. Nobody respects reason; and schooling from K-12, all the way up to graduate school, negates the mind on principle.

    This murderer was pure evil. His inability to function as a human being should be addressed. Not the tired view of guns being the problem. My concern is the mental illness meme is wearing thin. It should not be used to excuse his murder spree.

    Comment by Scherie — December 19, 2012 @ 4:27 pm | Reply

    • The points I made about mental health were not made to excuse the acting out of a mentally disturbed young man. My criticisms are directed against society at large, that has fled from these sufferers. But most of all, I wonder that we are as a culture so indifferent to mental illness and don’t see it as our roles to intervene. Children are hence left to the mercies of their often irresponsible and troubled parents.

      Comment by clarespark — December 19, 2012 @ 4:32 pm | Reply

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