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January 21, 2013

Citizen Obama, political pluralism and the elusive search for Unity

Raft of the Medusa

Raft of the Medusa

Although POTUS nodded in the direction of “the enduring strength of our Constitution” and quoted lines from the God-given Declaration of Independence, and with a cynical reference to “American exceptionalism,” the statism of Citizen Obama’s second inaugural brought us closer to the French Revolution, with its Jacobin emphasis on equality of condition, than to the American Revolution that promised a meritocracy grounded in equality of opportunity. (Recall that France, unlike England, always had a strong central state; recently France voted in a Socialist government that has levied a 75% income tax on the rich.)

What struck me about today’s awesome inauguration speech was its frank partisanship, indeed, its appeal to class warfare, but not only did Citizen Obama appeal solely to his Democratic constituency, he defined “the Nation” in terms that can only be described as anti-pluralist and either socialist or proto-fascist (see, also  If Citizen Obama has his way, political pluralism will give way to one party dictatorship, perhaps to rule by executive decree. (See the juridical thought of Carl Schmitt, who made the transition from social democracy theorist to Nazi without difficulty.)

Many “rightist” pundits have noticed the offensive against the Republican Party, that reiterated accusations made by the hard Left during the waning New Deal years that Republicans were, by temperament and policy, Nazis. The line continues that all Republicans are Southern racists, while the Democratic Party, as led by Obama and his multiculturalist followers, are the true inheritors of the civil rights movement, making corrections and reparations to overcome the white male supremacy that was supposedly the basis for American nationality pre-Obama. In this, he has the support of the New Left and the American Studies academics—and all of the cultural studies crowd, who take pride in their freedom from “economic determinism.” In other words, they cannot explain the difference between the economic policies of Lord Maynard Keynes versus Friedrich Hayek versus Milton and Rose Friedman.

guilt and anxiety

But we must not push the analogy to the French Revolution too far. For the French Revolution came to signify war and Napoleon’s bourgeoisification of Europe.  Echoing (?) the infamous appeaser Neville Chamberlain, Obama stands for “peace in our time.” In other words, he is boiler plate anti-imperialist and antiwar, except for the class war necessarily waged on behalf of “the rising middle class,” his new name for what used to be called “the working class”.  Even progressives used to know a petit-bourgeois radical (Obama) when they saw one, but today’s progressives have abandoned accurate nomenclature for populist, triumphalist politics. “Off with their [Federalist] heads.”

Many of the pundits on Fox News recognized the speech for what it was (a socialist screed), while a few seemed to expect a call for a middle ground, that no man’s land where erstwhile progressives feel comfortable in making compromises for the sake of ‘social cohesion’ and ‘political stability’. These are the buzz words of ‘moderate’ conservatism, the “Democratic” inheritors of the New Deal  and Wilsonian “internationalism.”

With the country divided and anxious, this day of bogus unity and bogus reverence for the American Constitution can only be a caesura in an ongoing civil war that was present from the beginning of the United States. (For a recent installment see



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  2. I have only recently been aware of your excellant blog and deep insights into our society and the current political tragedy that we watch being played out like the proverbial slow motion train wreck. Keep up the great work as us less expressive albeit like minded readers have somewhere to send the less enlightened to hear our views so eloquently presented. No one could have convinced me twenty years ago we would be having these conversations or going through these tough economic times and watching our way of life slowly slip away out of our grasp as the dunderhead majority of voters willingly insert their necks in the leash.
    I’ll keep reading and try to return with more thought out comments in the future.

    Comment by Dellrod Biffens — January 23, 2013 @ 2:03 am | Reply

  3. Excellent narrative….but a deeper or I should say clearer description of what happens when the ideological imperative of perfecting of society is frustrated should be brought into sharper focus. Get ready for the coming “Terror”… it is inevitable. Given ALL the facts surrounding our present fiscal, economic, social, cultural, political, spiritual and moral conditions of our nation, we are headed for a dreadful moment that will be astonishing in its breadth. Obey the collective or perish…if your lucky. There exist now technologies to remake the unrepentant and recalcitrant into obedient and believing members of our Leviathan’s just and righteous Brave New World. Light a candle as the darkness descends…there is no alternative but to speak out and declare Yeshua to be the only answer to restore our dying civilization. Thank you for your words.

    Comment by Gib Stair — January 22, 2013 @ 2:59 pm | Reply

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