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April 16, 2013

Blogs on anarchism/punk/primitivism

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punk_rock_means_freedom_by_miyavik (retitled rappers, primitivism, ritual rebellion) (guest blog by Phillip Smyth)

punk-rock-goat  (to escape from panopticon surveillance, embrace the primitive, the pre-civilized.)


  1. […] counter-culture/social democracy to trash Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Accords. ( and See […]

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  2. […] public and private schools, their education has been either rebellious (leaning toward anarchism: or “progressive,” dumbed down and forgetful of the fierce and instructive debates that […]

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  3. […] I recall a period when leftists commonly attacked “imperialism” for destroying native “communities”—no matter how backward and horrifically sexist these pre-scientific/pre-capitalist cultures were. It was also the case that some Enlightenment freethinkers (Diderot for example), imagined that “primitive” cultures were free from the instinctual repression that they attributed to the West and its strict religions. (I have written about the fantastic nature of primitives earlier on this website: see […]

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  4. […] In the interest of attracting maximum readers and viewers, we can’t talk about ambivalence or primitivism. For a partial index to my blogs on primitivism see […]

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  5. […] That is why (necessarily secular) historians are troublemakers, and must face public and often professional obloquy, for many powerfully placed historians are protecting their jobs, and, sad to say, the early work that got them tenure. It is they who usually control academic publication. And many a ‘modern’ artist resents the “mechanization” they see everywhere. For that reason, I call them primitivists. (See […]

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