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April 24, 2013

The Christianization of Ziva David (NCIS)?

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The last episode (in which Ziva David appears to have been killed by “rogue” Mossad agents, supports my general thesis, that the US-Israel alliance is highly conditional, with many digs at Mossad.

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[Update, Oct.16, 2009: This blog may seem too trivial to most readers of this website to even mention, and I almost deleted it. But upon reflection, think it is more important than meets the eye. I am referring to more than the startling rise in anti-Israel and antisemitic propaganda and boycotts emanating from the West. The audience for NCIS is obviously “the heartland” where there is more likely to be an unreflective patriotism, strong support of the U.S. military (in this case, Navy and Marines), and a culture that is unabashedly sentimental and Christian. At the same time, some normally (socially) liberal supporters of Israel have counted upon conservatives and Republicans in the South and West to support a pro-Israel foreign policy. What NCIS has made clear to me, is that Israel gets their support on condition: that Israel subordinates its national interests to those of the United States. If it goes off on its own, the antisemitism we…

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  1. I know, I was so disgusted… the atmosphere of suspicion throughout was sickening. The whole message blared through loud and clear; “don’t trust the shifty Jews/Israelis!” Even Ziva literally had her back turned to Orly and was cold to Yaniv Botner, Ilan Botner’s brother. It’s become so wild-west on NCIS- like saying the only good Indian is a dead Indian, apparently for the writers of NCIS, the only good Jew is a thoroughly and loyally American Jew. And I know I’ll be unpopular with all the “interfaith family” P.C. wishy-washy crowd to say this, but the lovey-dovey interludes with Tony continue to disgust me too. Can’t she have a sympathetic Israeli or American Jewish love interest, or must we further raise the specter of intermarriage to put a seal on Ziva’s assimilation? Will we next be seeing Tony and Ziva’s Big Catholic Wedding? Even when Ziva was revealed to have very personal reasons to hate Orly, it didn’t lessen the Americans’ total distrust of the Jews, which Orly sadly seemed to accept. The only Jewish males on the show are largely villainous, ambivalent or elderly and senile. When I mentioned the fact to my mother that the show seemed to present Jews as untrustworthy, she said something like, “Yeah, that’ll happen.” NCIS has gone from being one of the most pro-Israel shows on TV to one of the least in a surprisingly short time.

    Comment by Yitzhak — April 25, 2013 @ 2:18 pm | Reply

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