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March 26, 2014

Orwell, superpatriots, and the election

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As we slog toward ever increasing statism, I am resuscitating my blog that elucidates Orwell’s views on the working class, which have been adapted to Marxism or social democracy, incorrectly, I believe.

The Clare Spark Blog

( The Revised Orwell , p.204)”If one thinks of the artist as…an autonomous individual who owes nothing to society, then the golden age of the artist was the age of capitalism. He had then escaped the patron and had not yet been captured by the bureaucrat…. Yet it remains true that capitalism, which in many ways was kind to the artist and to the intellectual generally, is doomed and is not worth saving anyway. So you arrive at these two antithetical facts: (1) Society cannot be arranged for the benefit of artists; (2) without artists civilisation perishes. I have not yet seen this dilemma solved (there must be a solution), and it is not often that it is honestly discussed.” (George Orwell, in TRIBUNE, 1944). Quoted by Arthur M. Eckstein, “George Orwell’s Second Thoughts on Capitalism.” The last month or so I have been surveying the wildly divergent postmortems on…

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