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April 6, 2014

Standing up to bullying social democrats (2)

Yesterday (4-5-14) I posted a popular blog. There is no way of knowing why so many viewers came to it: was it the enticing title, the provocative illustration of a plump lady’s posterior flanked by fat cats, or the revelation that Ernest Bevin’s “socialism” was directed against finance capital (the Jews)? (The latter motivation could have fed into neo-Nazi fantasies that “the Jews” are to blame for the plight of the working class, everywhere.)

This is my advice in part two of this series, for I speak out of long experience with Democrats and leftists (who now seem to be inseparable, see

Unless you have an independent income and/or are in a family that is exceptionally tolerant and libertarian, it is best to hold your tongue. Do not expose yourself to more strife and rejection. SDs, in their own minds, have, since the mid-nineteenth century, identified with an updated, paternalistic aristocracy (the Disraelian type of Christian Socialist). Witness the educated audience for Downton Abbey.

No amount of facts or rational arguments will persuade SDs to stop their 1. state-worship; or 2. “anti-Zionism.” In their compassionate hearts, they “know” they are correct. They believe in the statistics that other progressives have compiled, even though such statistics render them ciphers, lacking individuality and an appropriately curious, questing mind. As members of volunteer groups or the “healing” professions, they are invested in group identities (“we are the good people”) and such soothing perks as academic tenure. Moreover, the SDs believe that they are standing up to bullies of the Neanderthal Right!


Conclusion: it should be obvious that SDs must be defeated at the polling place—venues that may be fraudulent. So it should be the primary task of libertarian believers in capitalism, equal opportunity, equality before the law for rich and poor alike, and limited government, to make their votes count. (For statistics and other issues see

Save your breath, unless you are talking to your pre-adolescent children or advocating for charter schools with curricula that encourage critical thought: no amount of pop cultural appropriation, father-led families, or overt attempts at persuasion will lure the dependent population away from the welfare state.

We are running out of time.


  1. Dear Clare, would you be so kind to put credits for “the provocative illustration of a plump lady’s posterior flanked by fat cats”, that is actually a work of art by, the link to the source is
    Before cats improvement it was a piece by Peter Paul Rubens called “Three Graces”.
    The artwork has a deep symbolic meaning in modern world: the choice of political parties is like a choice of a plump lady: fat cat on the right side or fat cat on the left side. The result of the choice is what we see at the middle: a plump lady’s posterior. We hope you meant this while illustrating your article with Our Image.
    Thus speaks Zarathustra the Cat

    Comment by Zarathustra the Cat — April 13, 2014 @ 3:59 am | Reply

    • Glad to find a Nietzsche reference in Russia. It speaks to a sense of humor.

      Comment by clarelspark — April 13, 2014 @ 2:06 pm | Reply

  2. I continue to court personal ruin by outing social justice advocates as paternalistic, authoritarian, and deluded about actual justice, which from what I have been told ignores identity rather than depends upon it (whence the blindfold?). Your advice to “holding our tongues” is probably wise. But if we hold them, the time will continue to run out all the more. The two charges seem opposed.

    Comment by Terbreugghen — April 6, 2014 @ 9:29 pm | Reply

    • There are many things we can’t control in life, like time running out. Anxiety and depression are rational responses to where we are now, but why add to it? Our opponents are not yet in the majority, so those who want limited government have more than a good chance at prevailing at the voting booth. But not if we yield to sectarianism and hence lose sight of the main goal, which is dislodging the proto-fascist/statists who oppose cultural freedom and pluralism.

      Comment by clarelspark — April 6, 2014 @ 9:34 pm | Reply

      • Could not agree more. Keep spreading the word. Anti-Statists needed to report for duty. Unfortunately, it appears sectarianism is what is keeping the American conservative party ineffective. I was as disappointed in the 2000-2008 administration’s embrace of enlarging federal power as I have been of the predictable expansion of that power under the most recent occupants of the highest offices. Any hope that Europe will move away from their generations old experiment with other people’s money in reaction to their double edged sword of declining birth rate and increasing immigration both legal and otherwise, or will America have to continue to go it alone?

        Comment by Terbreugghen — April 6, 2014 @ 9:44 pm

  3. Fact /evidence based analysis at its finest. Brilliant.

    Comment by gk68 — April 6, 2014 @ 6:56 pm | Reply

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