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March 12, 2016

The Chicago Riots: who caused them?

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malcolmxThis website has been devoted to the wily ways of “moderate conservatives” (i.e., progressive Democrats) in appearing to address the problem of “race,” class, and gender subordination, while in practice intensifying pre-existent antagonisms that the hard Left attempted to wipe out with (utopian) revolutionary socialism. And “moderate” or even “conservative” Republicans are no better, blaming Trump for “violent rhetoric” instead of indoctrinated anti-“white supremacy” youth and political rivals, such as Bernie Sanders, and of course rival candidates.

I have never witnessed such a sickening campaign, and the “liberal”- controlled media have egged it on, by their outright refusal to report much news, if any, that would expose pseudo-liberal elites for what they are, as the latter invented “multiculturalism,” that had the effect of appearing to be anti-racist, while reaffirming the concept of “race.” (See And most communists have gone along with the promotion of cultural nationalism, so we have the emergence of such irredentist movements as La Raza, Black Lives Matter, BDS, OWS, and radical jihadism— their militant activism most recently directed against “white supremacy” a.k.a. “white” Jewish supremacy.

Photo credit: Charles Rex Arbogast

Photo credit: Charles Rex Arbogast

Veterans of the 1960s should have publicized the takeover of the civil rights movement (an honorable set of intertwined campaigns) by cultural nationalists, and, to their everlasting shame, hard Leftists did little or nothing to combat these tendencies, most notoriously abandoning the 1930s campaign against bogus notions of “race” in favor of “cultural anthropology,” along with some positive Leftist estimations of the American future. (See

And why oh why have cable news outlets (such as Fox or CNN), in their laughable attempts to be “fair and balanced” refused to fact check their pseudo-debates, while candidates were spinning their outright prevarications and distortions of each other’s positions? Anyone who has studied the “objective” ways of “moderates” would expect such cover-ups of outright mind-management.

From The  Root: Thinkstock Images

From The Root: Thinkstock Images

Give me an indignant “extremist” armed with research and facts any day.

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  1. I would love to see Fact Checks of the up coming Democratic Presidential Candidate debates. I don’t see Truth getting a fair chance.

    Comment by hrwolfe — January 24, 2019 @ 4:28 pm | Reply

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