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November 13, 2016

Apocalypse now



This blog is about the requirement to understand the socially-induced misconceptions of the protesters, including the destructive anarchists among them.

I have changed my mind about the election blog I would write, partly because I have seen the conservative responses written by many of my Facebook friends, which roundly criticize the protesters.

Indeed, my first response was to post a message from Jenny, one of my daughters: “I know many are mourning, crying, and panicked over the election results, a reaction to which I honestly cannot relate, but let people feel their feelings, I say. I cannot understand and find totally irresponsible, however, parents who have demonized the president elect, making their children believe he is a bad man and will hurt them and our world. Children need to feel secure and confident in order to grow into happy and successful adults. Shame on parents who feed their children unfounded ideas which then make them feel unsafe. This country is home to citizens and their families with a vast spectrum of valid values and beliefs. We can’t get our way all of the time. Liberals had eight years to get it right and now it’s time to take a different approach. Let us not put our children in the crossfire while battling different opinions. Oh, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we all act like grownups—inform ourselves, work to make ourselves and the world better, and be an example to the children of how to move forward in a constructive, generous, and faithful way. Let us leave tantrums to the two-year- olds.”(end of Jenny’s post-election comment.)

I agree with this analysis, but I also see the results of a partisan education outside the family, that has thwarted the political education of the youthful protesters, even the violent ones among them. This partisan education is also a form of child abuse that should be more widely recognized. (And Jenny concurs, noting that her comment was only one thread among many.)

The protesters (including the anarchists) are a product of an education that has left them terrified. In no particular order, these are the deficiencies that have fueled their panic (this fear of annihilation was brought to my attention by my daughter Rachel). In no particular order:

  1. The notion that the Democrat Party is left-wing. It is common for many conservatives to view “the Left” as if they are all communists, ignoring the obvious fact that Democrats/progressives have co-opted and neutralized the demands of revolutionary socialists: i.e., the radical demands of the 19th and early 20th century labor movements for worker control of production.
  2. The notion that identity politics/multiculturalism is a radical innovation, and is similarly communist-inspired. Indeed, it is another example of co-optation and neutralization, substituting “race” and “ethnicity” for class interest. Here came the notion of “political correctness” that Trump appears to have violated, leaving the masses unprotected from “racist” and “sexist” conservatives.
  3. The notion that the Constitution protected “white supremacy.” Again, this is context-ignoring factor. It is true that the Constitution was a compromise between Northern and Southern slaveholding elites, but that was dramatically changed by the Civil War and the social movements it spawned. Again, the progressives were aristocratic and racist, though this is too obvious a distinction for the “tenured radicals” controlling education today. Although progressives claim the mantle of science, balance, and enlightenment for themselves, in their zeal for the social relationships of the medieval period (e.g., deference to the Good King), they may be said to have dumbed down our population by denying the sharp tools of history.

This website has been devoted the misconceptions of our socialization. The media have always been partisan, but the 1960s movements developed a cadre of activists claiming the mantle of social justice, while trashing opponents as fascists, while some conservatives, just as foolishly, equated communism and fascism. (Both forms of social organization are statist and repressive, but fascism was a counter-revolution to the Soviet coup of 1917, not its structural twin.)

Is it any wonder that our young folk are in the streets? In their own eyes, they are doing the right thing by averting apocalypse now!

3-14-16, demo outside GOP headquarters. CBS News/AP

3-14-16, demo outside GOP headquarters. CBS News/AP


  1. I value your critiques of positions of all types. I am an educator in search of an education, and so I value this site. Students were asking me today about the difference between fascism, communism, and capitalism. . .in a history of American Art course. I offered bland generalizations and I am about to go on a hunt for good information. so that a clear definition and some perspective can be given out for the next class period. Some of that is here. It is interesting to note that in class today, the students’ rejection of Nazism was based on its “racism,” which implied that the Allied powers were fighting the Nazis because they were racist. I responded that the Nazis WERE racist, but so was everyone else, and so the issue of racism was only tangentially related to the conflict. The exchange highlighted how racism as pure moral evil has permeated our consciousness, colored our worldview, and come to define our contemporary moral lives.

    Comment by Jeffery A. LeMieux — November 18, 2016 @ 6:47 pm | Reply

  2. Well, Clare–I feel like we are old friends now after reading your material for so long and can call you by your first name, Jenny’s comments are interesting, well expressed, and acceptable as far as they go, but even so, here are a couple of considerations for her. 1. When there are fairly solid indications, as those provided by James O’Keefe/Veritas, that these “protesters” are, if not otherwise unemployed and maybe even unemployable, certainly bussed around, provided resources for their “protesting,” prodded, provoked by lies about what the next four years will bring them and the nation, then the motives and purpose of these “protesters” should be examined very closely and discussed. 2. The libs/lefties/”progressives”/Democrats developed a style which permits such destructive activity as these “protesters” carry out, maybe not explicitly, but long, long ago and it is particularly useful today, now that Americans, previously leaning toward the “freebie,” “Obamaphone” mentality, are gradually but more and more realizing that “there ain’t no free lunch, Jim.” The libs/lefties/”progressives”/Democrats simply have no way to defend their insane social, political, and economic philosophies and resulting policies and are left only with attempts to destruct.

    Comment by barbaro70 — November 13, 2016 @ 10:27 pm | Reply

    • I thought that my blog was a critique of some conservative positions. Again I ask, “who will educate the educators”?

      Comment by clarelspark — November 14, 2016 @ 8:31 pm | Reply

      • Your first two paragraphs are not clear about your purpose, so I concentrate in my post on the comments of your daughter, Jenny. I indicate that her comments are ok as far as they go, and proceed to make two comments which, if she had discussed, would have made her comments much better. Repeating: 1. The protesters are pathetic humans who are incompetent humans and as a result are being used; 2. the libs/lefties/”progressives”/Democrat idiots have shown that they approve of the “protestors” and their insanity, their viciousness, BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE–they simply have no possibility of defending the nonsense that they have been promoting for the last 20 or more years. You can ask who will educate the educators after you comment on the above.

        Comment by barbaro70 — November 15, 2016 @ 2:33 am

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