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October 10, 2017

Harvey Weinstein as “carnal Jew”

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Weinstein and wife Georgina Chapman (Getty images)

Although “couch casting” is notorious in Hollywood, the conservative (and moderate) press is highlighting the misdeeds of an “A-list” producer, Harvey Weinstein, as if he was uniquely culpable for assailing the innocence of would-be actresses.

I have yet to see an article on the general subject of this notorious miscreant that tackles the questions of antisemitic stereotypes or of any upwardly mobile female as she climbs the ladder of “success.” See this stimulating article that, however, misses the two

I have now seen the popular movie musical La La Land and will have a few words to say about the appeal of Emma Stone, in addition to tackling the Harvey Weinstein affair.

First, the carnal Jew stereotype, taken up (implicitly) here: “No European myth is benign or even neutral with regard to Jews or to the liberal values that Sharf wants to defend, nor can it be otherwise. All Jews, including the “eternal” ones, are “bad”; the antithesis of Christian and Jew corresponds to the antipodes of “organic conservatism” and classical liberalism: (heartfelt) mysticism and (heartless) science, trust and withering skepticism, loyalty and betrayal, community and mob, busy bee and parasite, garden and wasteland. “Good Jews” like Lessing’s Nathan the Wise, Cumberland’s Sheva, Walker’s Schechem, and Dickens’ Riah who appeared in the humanitarian literature of the late eighteenth and early to mid-nineteenth century were good only because they were more Christian than the bourgeois Christians who were behaving like Shylock and Fagin; capitalism purged of its Judas red-beards would presumably lose its heartless and exploitative character. Christian landlords would never evict a tenant, Christian bankers would never foreclose a mortgage: this demented idea is fundamental to the völkisch revolution of Nazism,[2] but was not their invention. Nazi anti-Semitism, then, was only partly about the considerable material advantages in expropriating Jewish property and expelling Jewish rivals: Nazis, to maintain their credibility as redeemers and protectors, would have to plunge a stake in the heart of the “demon Thought” (to use Byron’s expression). For the antifascist critical mind is not found in a guilt-ridden Adam shrinking from conflict with illegitimate authority or from the perception of other irreconcilable conflicts. Instead, the anti-Semitic/ anti-intellectual mind anxiously mystifies structural antagonisms by positing (an unattainable) harmony as “normal.” Brandishing images of solidarity, the fascist bonds people only to “romance” in a false utopia necessarily maintained through deceit, terror and catharsis.” (See source and discussion here:

One of my better insights has been to identify sexuality partly with the search for knowledge and discovery anxiety (“forbidden fruit”). It is ironic that liberal producer Weinstein is associated with movies that make more demands on mass audiences than the usual Hollywood fare; yet he is being reviled as an overweight goat, and worse, as a super-rich “greasy” liberal (grinding the face of the poor?) and, is put in the same box with disgraced Roman Polanski. See But see for more on the carnal Jew stereotype.

II. I have been complaining about liberal feminism for years, noting that the more forceful arguments on women’s rights have been weakened by many pundits. Commentators might note the much-criticized hyper-sexuality advanced by advertising and all mass media. What is not usually limned, however, is the kind of sexuality practiced by pedophiles—namely the search for innocence of the kind sported by infants and youngsters.

Now think of the younger stars, Emma Stone, for instance. Yes, there are numerous femmes fatales that are heavily made up. But “the most highly paid actress in Hollywood” (Forbes) has big blue eyes and small breasts. And the successful movie, La La Land, that made Emma Stone super-popular, was noticeably sexless and dumbed down in its dialogue.

Emma Stone


  1. I’m not entirely clear as to what Mr Sullivan’s criticism was to begin with. Yes hollywood is “Jewish” in the sense that a disproportionate number of people in the business are Jewish. As for people noting Weinstein’s Judaism — I’ve definitely seen it. Most famously Larry David harped on it in his opening monologue for SNL recently. For much more nasty examples one merely needs to peruse the comments section of articles about Weinstein and you’ll see it pop up all over the place. Comments are where people express themselves freely. The same people that want to blame the Jews for Communism (due to their disproportionate involvement) also want to “blame” them for Hollywood (same reason). At least with Hollywood, there is a strong argument that the entire industry was indeed pioneered by Eastern European Jews. More power to them as they were being horribly discriminated against by both WASPS as well as the older populations of German / West-European Jews on the East Coast. They said “screw this, let’s go West.”

    Comment by Daniel L Remler — June 15, 2018 @ 10:26 pm | Reply

    • The producers may be disproportionately Jewish, but not the actors. “Russian Jews” are blamed for Bolshevism, but you already knew that.

      Comment by clarelspark — June 15, 2018 @ 11:36 pm | Reply

  2. Clare, I agree that semitism — pro- and anti- — is at play here in that (Jewish) Hollywood is diametrically opposed to the values of what you call “organic conservatism,” that pitch blende of white, Anglo-Protestantism that defines the ur-American base. In referring to Harvey Weinstein as the “carnal Jew,” you are harkening back to the evil and mysterious, rootless “other” that menacingly roamed the rocky country roads and back alleys of medieval European cities and hamlets. Symbolically, sub-consciously, this is all true. In the back of our minds, greedy, conniving, hand-wringing Jews are corrupting the spiritual soul of the productive, idealistic and pure Christian. If you want to play the game of fame and fortune in the Jewish enterprise, you have to surrender your purity, debase yourself, and sacrifice your integrity to ogres.

    Or so it goes, if you are caught up in that way of thinking and identification. It is a narrative that conservatives and Jews alike fear is true. It’s a Hobson’s Choice; live in a world of either Aryan-Nazi purity or Jewish-Communist filth. Take your pick.

    But I don’t see it that way. Jewish *guilt* for on-going corrupt behavior in traditional Jewish enterprises manifests culturally in a more aggressive progressive *socialism* as a type of purification ritual. “I will make amends by creating a better world.” It doesn’t matter if that quest for a “better world” uses the same corrupt and unfair tactics Jews use to protect their empires. Destroying the good because it is good protects the bad. So, define the good as bad and the bad thrives.

    “White guilt” is not a real thing. It was manufactured by Jewish intellectuals to extend their own sense of guilt into other populations. The organic conservative counterpart of Jewish guilt is *salvation*, the notion that personal effort at seeking integrity allows one to rise above sin. Whereas Jewish corruption is constant and on-going, white Christians don’t feel real sense of guilt or shame over slavey and colonialism because, historically, they were simply tools for getting resources and being efficient and productive. Since, in Christianity, seeking salvation is the goal, the sins of the father do not pass to the son; each individual is responsible for his own choices.

    Harvey Weinstein was an ethical beast, who used women — especially talented, non-Jewish, white European women — as his personal toys and expiated his own guilt by raising money for progressive causes while at the same minimizing his crimes of passion by tearing down sexual morals and the traditional ideas of family in his films. Even by Jewish standards, this is unacceptable behavior. And yet it persisted in plain sight — and in silence — for decades while the amoralism of the left tore a hole through the American heart.

    I hold no animosity for any person of faith, Jewish, Christian, or other. I regard people by their kindness and integrity. I only want to see monsters like Harvey Weinstein exposed and the empires they have erected reduced to rubble.

    Comment by Stereo Realist — October 12, 2017 @ 2:54 am | Reply

  3. Clare Spark – I’m going to have to call this as utter nonsense – bordering on lunacy.
    There’s no business or place more Jewish than Hollywood. The ethos of Hollywood is Jewish the way that the NYPD was Irish (per Tom Wolfe’s description in Bonfire, about how even the Black cops were harps).
    I lived in Hollywood and worked in the movie business – first for the most powerful agent in Hollywood – a Jew – whose agency was more than 50% Jewish. Then in development at a movie studio, then as a screenwriter at a different movie studio.
    I could count the non Jews of the studio brass on one hand. My agent was Jewish; my lawyer was Jewish. Most of what happened and happens in movies and television was/is the result of Jewish writers pitching ideas to Jewish studio executives. The dominant acting style, The Method (a cult unto itself) was created and promulgated by Jews. Its adherents and practitioners –
    Brando, Clift, Dean and even Marilyn Monroe are Jewish by proxy.
    When I say “Jewish” I of course mean the particular type of secular Jews whose real religion is liberalism. That’s what kept Jack Benny & Danny Kaye friends with Bob Hope & Bing Crosby – and the Yiddish speaking James Cagney. It’s a syncretic Jewishness, a Jewish creolization:
    the deli spread at Groucho’s Christmas party; the duo of wacky Jew with shagitz straightman of Lewis & Martin, followed by the serious issue movies of
    Dustin Hoffman paired with the goy of the year (Jon Voigt, Steve McQueen, Robert Redford, Tom Cruise); the “Italian” actor with a Jewish mother portraying the angelic Jewish boy genius Thalberg.
    So where is the anti-Semitism in all this
    – and who are the cabal of people who want to attack the “carnal Jew”?

    Comment by Dita Sullivan — October 11, 2017 @ 12:31 am | Reply

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