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September 1, 2018

Heroism As Sacrifice: thoughts on the death of John McCain and bipartisanship

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Although (moderate) Fox coverage has focused on McCain’s death as a military man who stood up to outrageous torture as an American prisoner in the Viet Nam war, and as a symbol for a positive image for America, I will probe a bit deeper, emphasizing the underlying message of the moderate men: that of compromise, for moderates emphasize sacrifice no matter how achieved, sacrificing principle or self- or national interest or one’s life, if necessary. to achieve “balance” (as defined by Progressives).

No one sensible person would be opposed to “compromise” as such: see and More controversial perhaps is the focus on “unity,” espoused by Big Government moderates, even as I and others have denounced mindless “unity”–derived from medieval Christian unity imposed from above on warring tribes. Unity is what you get from compromise and, hence, bipartisanship (also an emphasis on the Fox coverage on the endless week of encomiums by Democrats; it is part of Fox’s “fair and balanced” DNA).

It is sad for me to view New Left aspirations for a fairer, more equitable world degenerating into unworthy alliances with pseudo-moderate Progressives. The apotheosis of John McCain’s notion of “balance” is a testament to that ever-swampy “middle ground.”

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