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October 28, 2018


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Arthur Szyk, Lodz, Poland, ca 1939; pinterest.com

This blog will try to address the Pittsburg massacre. Why am I not surprised by misleading reactions on MSM, that collapse the specific and varied features of antisemitism into “hate”? Since I began this blog I have stressed as comprehensively as I am able a few of the attitudes toward Jews and Jewry; here are some of the subjects that I have raised:

1. Vast numbers of anti-Semites and well-meaning persons of all religions are resentful of modernity that apparently emancipated dirty Jews and “bad” women. Not many scholars have studied this confluence of antisemitism and misogyny.

2. The contrast between rooted cosmopolitans and the “rootless” kind. Tyrants of all types believe in the reality of blood and soil. The detached seeker after truth is a threat to illegitimate authority.

3. The failure to understand these images of the bad Jew: a. “the money power” (a target of some populisms) and b. intellectual combativeness (the latter unleashed by the de-masking gesture of the Enlightenment that revealed authoritarianism.) The radical Enlightenment, I have asserted, was combatted by the conservative variant that tried to reconcile French materialism and Locke’s tabula rasa with religion which is where we are today not only in MSM and the schools, but in multiculturalism.

4. The Holocaust and the foundation of the State of Israel. “Moderate” Fox News Channel and related “moderate” media try to equate the survivors of European and American collaboration in the extinction of 2/3 of European Jewry with the claims of “Palestinians.” Of course BDS is in league with the so-called antifascists of “Antifa.” Antifa has no idea of the history of “fascism” nor do these [freedom fighters?]learn of the factors that caused political actors to blame “fascism” on their enemies du jour.

5. The hard Left (I.e., revolutionary socialists and all other anti-imperialists) obliterate all moralism/religion except for their own utopianism. Thus they uneasily combine cultural relativism with nihilism.

Thus we have the collapse of the context-specific subject of antisemitism with “hatred.” Sadly, some conservatives (who should know better) participate in this horrid pseudo-historicism. Each form of antisemitism should be studied with respect to its epoch, and not conflated willi nilly with all other group or individual resentments.


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