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November 18, 2018

Sherlock Holmes & Company

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FB friends asked me explain reasons for Jews to support 1. the antisemitic Left, or 2.terrorism in the feminist Left, or 3. The migrant crisis (which has further polarized Americans). I will try to address them, but briefly, as none of these subjects has been an academic interest of mine (leading to archival research or to a close survey of the secondary literature).

But first I want to finish up my conclusions after reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories— still a fixture of middlebrow culture. For the content of Doyle’s extraordinary efforts has been to reinforce the central tenets of social democratic thought patterns: identification with the aristocracy who controlled the government in the 19th century British Empire; an apparent love of science/materialism/progress; a fierce antagonism to socialist revolution along with the belief that communists were and are murderers; and a heartfelt compassion for the “lower orders” despite the frequent disdain for “savages,” and, as recipient of a Jesuit education, perhaps, Sir Conan Doyle had a taste for the Middle Ages and mysticism.

All these features of the Progressive Left have been taken up in prior blogs. But still they are worth reiterating Since the 1930s, Big Government and multiculturalism still glitter for the majority. Upward mobility and conformity are tickets for success in the USA, so it is no surprise that the children of Jewish immigrants should have adapted to the Democratic Party, especially since many in the postwar Republican Party were antisemitic, imagining that immigrants were inevitably all-too-secular communists.

Why should women in particular support “terrorism?” Women serve as “the emotional filling stations” (to appropriate an expression used by a 70s feminist social democrat) for society at large. Multiculturalism demands that we make room for everyone, despite their potential proclivities for violence.
“Racism” (along with militarism and nationalism) rejected by the politically correct as 19th century aberrations that led to horrendous world wars, though
they were embraced by the originators of German Romanticism.

Luckily, we have a Constitution, or do we?

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