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March 18, 2019

Unity as a problem

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assassins unity

We long for inner unity in order to reconcile the warring parts of ourselves, thus it is a reliable propaganda strategy, adopted by both Right and Left. The Marxist Left wants unity as solidarity with the working-class majority, while the Right and “moderates” (compromisers) seem concerned with the perfectly loving unified family, Never-Trump-ers and other deviants from the President’s agenda.

In the wake of the New Zealand Muslim massacre, their elected leader, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, stated that “we are united by grief.”

Fox News Channel (in its move toward the Left) declared that “white supremacy” (as opposed to China-style authoritarianism, admitted by a few Fox anchors) was responsible for the shooting spree that took 60 lives.

Nobody blamed the intrinsic polarization (disunity) conferred by multiculturalism. See (As I have explained Herder was a racist, see

But Democrats and most Republicans regularly denounce “racism,” which contradicts the longed for solidarity/unity.

Does “tolerance” (aka MC) amplify or diminish our recognition of ambivalence and ambiguity? Is the Behaviorist objection to ideological conceptions of unity the primary reason for anti-Freudianism?

Integration, like unity means to overcome divisions. Isn’t this a contradiction?

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  1. Rather than Achievement Multi Culturalism creates Victims which has become an easy way to achieve status with little effort. This becomes who a young person is over what they have or can achieve. Merit loses status as Victimology moves to the embrace of popular culture. These AntiFa/BLM spokespeople are very well versed in their victimology and can cite chapter and verse yet can not even pretend to have an open mind for discussion of issues at 20 years old, this is Education’s Handy work of anti-intellectualism posing as Highly Intellectual, we are in deep dodo! It’s almost, not is a fact almost an entire generation is in need of deprogramming, they are not correct by any means and virtually all they embrace intellectually are lies, how do we remedy this?

    Comment by hrwolfe — August 25, 2020 @ 11:53 am | Reply

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