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June 29, 2019

“Health care” and the Body

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Health Insurance for illegal immigrants was a major item in the Democratic debate on June 27, 2019, yet the participants skipped over the cost, bureaucratic control, long wait times for care (under “rationing”), payment to doctors, doctor shortages, etc.

No Democrat mentioned (age-appropriate) education in history, science(hygiene) and nutrition, medical economics, mental health (whatever that is), sexuality/reproduction, hygiene or other relevant matters..

And speaking of education, though some “debaters” mentioned race or gender, no one mentioned teachers’ unions (sacrosanct, like other “liberal” Initiatives), even though US student scores are abysmally low in comparison with the charter schools competition.

If US voters fall for “liberal” nostrums (the emphasis on globalism, open borders, identity politics, and the Welfare State) we deserve to go down in history as traitors to the limitless promise of enlightened capitalist democracy.

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