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July 30, 2019

The Loudest Voice: social democratic or communistic?

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This blog argues that The Loudest Voice on Showtime is a predictable showdown between anti-Trump New Left liberals or even Never-Trumpers vs. conservatives who watch Fox News Channel. It took me a while to see this.

The Loudest Voice with its emphasis on private property is better seen as communist propaganda, meant to take down capitalism. The series, starring Russell Crowe as the contemptible Roger Ailes, might be seen otherwise as social democracy by casual non-historians, for it contains the usual liberal talking points: white male supremacy, upward mobility, hypocrisy, and paternalism, even “Roger Ailes”/Trump as Hitler  

It was historian Richard Hofstadter who emphasized private property as the linchpin of capitalism and the series highlights property rights (as say, in anti-“democratic” zoning laws). Property is way more important than, say, blow jobs, suggestive fondling, marital infidelity, autocratic behavior, or the other sins imputed to (Catholic) Roger Ailes.

I have watched four episodes so far; when is Showtime going to treat Fox News Channel as “fair and balanced”—the “moderate” cable channel, paired with the equally “moderate” Wall Street Journal ?

As it stands so far, the series, emphasizing private property is vintage anti-American and communistic, not social democratic.

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