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August 13, 2019

Melodrama, Jeffrey Epstein, and “The Loudest Voice” Finale

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This blog is about my conviction that, despite the plethora of conspiracy theories swirling about the death of Jeffrey Epstein, it is all too plausible that sheer incompetence could have accounted for his death by suicide. I am that disgusted with my media contemporaries who have excelled in technology, but abandoned to melodrama the masses of ordinary people whom they ostensibly serve.  

Turn now to the final segment in the Roger Ailes/Trump saga on 8-11-19, The Loudest Voice, which represented the triumph of victim Gretchen Carlson (played by Naomi Watts) in the downfall of the villainous power behind Fox News Channel (Ailes. played by Russell Crowe), which supposedly was the final nail in the coffin condemning its unethical, sexual harassing Roger Ailes to irrelevance and death. Few would deny that “fair and balanced” Fox is “moderate,” yet this cable news channel (Fox) was supposed to be a vehicle for Trump/Hitler by Showtime.

The Showtime miniseries received mostly bad reviews; some were horrified by the monstrous Ailes, but no one of the major entertainment publications mentioned the Ailes/Fox link to Hitler or the Klan. Nor did the “paranoia”-inducing Fox as represented by Showtime mention its heavy Democratic presence as the balancing part of its “moderate” self-presentation.

Princeton professor and Christian ethicist Robert P. George appeared on Fox News Channel 8-12-19 to lament the loss of a vital civic culture, one I assume with a respect for facts and morality. The widely respected Professor Robert P. George is a moderate Democrat, though he harbors Christian conservative views which rhyme with the ethos of FNC. Surely, part of morality is presenting facts. We supposedly live in a Christian culture, which is devoted to self-improvement, civilization, and science. Yet we adhere to heroes, villains and victims, as if these outmoded categories had real-world corollaries. I suppose that heroes refer to the “objectively” neutral world of what turns out to be outright “liberal” propaganda.

To some knowable extent, women collaborate in their “victimization.” When will we grow up?

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