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May 14, 2020

Philip Wylie’s Generation of Vipers (January, 1943)

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alt=”Philip_Wylie” width=”200″ height=”201″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-8323″/> Philip Wylie, nature-lover[/caption]

I have written about Philip Wylie before (See Counter-Culture vs.the Establishment.)This time I read more than about his diatribe against “Cinderella.”Wylie amended his tantrum against upwardly-mobile middle-class women, but threw another tantrum against MOM, which lasted throughout his book, until his interview with Mike Wallace (It is important to note that this best seller was written during WWII, and though Wylie despised fascism and hated Hitler and the Germans who supported him; Wylie was critical about the military establishment, as well as statesmen, scientists (he doesn’t mention ecology or environmentalism), professors, businessmen, but not FDR, Wylie was a proud New Dealer who sort of believed in big government (See below)

Wylie’s father was a minister, but am not qualified to evaluate his view of Jesus Christ (which deviates from what I know about Protestantism and Christ’s depiction in the New Testament He wrote a whole chapter (“The Man on the Cross”)

He was also cavalier about his view of sex: the more partners (of either gender) the better. Wylie had no problem with abortion. Wallace took a dim view of “Momism” and Wylie caved, which he didn’t do in the book.

In fact, Wylie would also fit in the current Democratic Party, especially in the widespread adherence to Jung, as he mentions a global network of countries and trashes market economies. As for Jews (he wrote before the Holocaust)and “Negroes,” he deplores ancient orthodox Jews, but not modernJews and feels sorry for all Negroes. As such, he was an early purveyor of multiculturalism, and Jung (throughout he mentions “instincts).” (I suppose that all blacks were poor in Miami, hence Wylie’s adherence to collectivist discourses.)

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