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May 31, 2020

Fox News and the cover up of Western racism (including the USA)

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Every one at Fox News (with the exceptions of Ed Henry, Bryan Llenas– perhaps because is gay and a “person of color”- plus an unnamed mulatto academic whose name I don’t recall) has covered-up the shocking proliferation of Western racism, instead blaming the riots on police brutality, violence, and “outside agitators.”

The names of the chief perps in the West include famous names of Brits, French and (obviously) German, Including Brits like Locke, Frenchmen like Zola, and German (like, briefly Freud, and more obviously, Nietzsche). I was reminded of this by Peter Gay’s The Cultivation of Hatred….(1993).


  1. Well, first of all that was very disingenuous of you not to separate out the culprits. Everyone can see with their own eyes there were 1) Peaceful Protests 2) Agitators (ANTIFA dressed in black with umbrellas) and 3) Locals taking advantage of the situation by looting. No one really knows for sure if the cop in Floyd was racist. Now, the previous shooting in GA, yes most definitely. To make such a blanket statement of “everyone with the exception” is painting with a broad brush. Did you really watch all the coverage?

    Comment by Brinny Page — June 14, 2020 @ 10:29 pm | Reply

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