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Geoffrey Gorer, British anthropologist, sees American national character

Geoffrey Gorer, British anthropologist, sees American National Character

Gorer published his book in 1948, called The American People. It followed Philip Wylie’s Generation of Vipers (1942), especially in its ferocious attack on women. (Wylie called her “Cinderella.”)

In this blog, I will write about the Gorer travesty, woman began his tract by calling her Mother. And Mother was a variety of horribles: the superego, was money-mad,  Mother was the consumer, and the framer of an uppity foreign policy, the overt castrating manufacturer of “sissies,” (homosexuals), and, by extension, the oppressor of “Negroes” (in the South), and course, the Jews (though Gorer was of Jewish extraction).

Gorer, addicted to collectivist discourses, admired the New Deal and Big Government and reminds me of the current Democratic Party (which professes to be feminist).

I could go on, but I found this allegedly psychoanalytic book, impossible to write about further. Gorer reminds me of Charles and Mary Beard.

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