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April 3, 2011

Index to Hitler and the “Jewish” mind


January 22, 2011

Links to series on Hitler’s view of the “Jewish” mind

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August 14, 2010

Index to blogs on Hitler’s view of the “Jewish” mind

Hitler as narcissist: New Theater, 1936 (pictures by Corinth and Trubner) (Famous Durer image) (Bocklin’s Medusa) (Photo Werner Sombart) (Streicher poster illustration) (this substitutes for the first link above) START HERE FOR CORRECTED TEXT (a reformatted blog combining parts one and two, with footnotes at end) (this substitutes for part three above)

This series refutes the widespread notion that Hitler advocated the Big Lie. Hitler’s strategy was, to blame Jews and Social Democracy (the Left) for luring the masses to their demise. Only he and fellow Nazis could save the German working class and its peasant comrades.  This blog series quotes from his Table Talk, Secret Book, and the earlier Mein Kampf.   The last three blogs form a unit, reflecting a reformatting of older versions of this series, but I have not erased the older versions because of the illustrations that are fascinating and helpful, for instance images by Durer, Bocklin, Corinth, and Trubner.

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