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May 15, 2010

Blog Index to Anne Hutchinson series

From the feedback I got on this series, there is nothing even slightly resembling it in print. It is long, so I broke it into four segments. The second section takes you by the hand to understand how Anne H. got into trouble with the establishment, so skip if you are already familiar with the chronology. Has footnotes, and I am proud of it. If you get through it, you might understand better why I wrote the blog “Evil Puritans” linked here: Anne Hutchinson was the perfect autodidact, strong woman, and prefiguration of free market economics. The literature about her is wildly misogynistic, including Hawthorne’s sketch of “The Woman” that one scholar (the brave Michael Colacurcio) has linked to The Scarlet Letter, with the “A” standing for Anne Hutchinson. Since primary sources (as opposed to rumors) are scarce for AH, I focus on the distortions visited upon her career by liberal 20th century sociologists and historians. 

And for a related blog on fear of The Woman, see “Who shall educate the educators?”

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