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February 16, 2010

Nazi sykewar, American style, part two

Against Decadence, collage by Clare Spark

Readers of my blogs or my book on Melville and his sometimes crypto-fascist revivers (with special emphasis in the blogs on Henry A. Murray) will remember my use of the terms “organic conservatism” or “socially responsible capitalists.” Or they may recall the blogs on Roy R. Grinker’s preference for “stability” over the search for truth. Here are some quotes from German Psychological Warfare that contains all three key words: “organic,” “responsibility,” and “stability.”  And obliterated is the conception of “natural civil rights.”

[From their annotated Bibliography:]

“12. Forsthoff, E. Der totale Staat. Hamburg: Hanseatische Verlangsanst., 1933.

THE TOTAL STATE: An apologist of the totalitarian state maintains that the German Republic eventually had to give way to the philosophy and organization of a totalitarian regime which is held to be more suited to economic progress, social tendencies, and military necessities of the 20th Century. The philosophy of the totalitarian state is described as being total responsibility in which the freedom of the individual can only be considered as a gift of the state.

“210. Wieneke, F. Charakterziehung und Nationalsozialismus. Soldin, 1936.

THE BUILDING OF CHARACTER AND NATIONAL SOCIALISM: The greatest problem of pedagogy in the Third Reich is the education and upbringing of German youth. Nazism has changed the whole conception and ideals of education. Instead of egoism and individualism which Wieneke claims led to a complete decline of German culture and morality [see 212, below], a new ‘organic’ system is emerging which will be closely related to to the national consciousness of responsibility. The author believes that all education, whether physical or mental, should be dedicated entirely to the formation of character, because national stability in the present and future can be maintained only through the decisive, firm, and strong-willed character of a nation’s individuals.”

“212. Ziegler, H.W. Wehrerziehung im neuen Geist. Erfurt: Stenger, 1935.

MILITARY EDUCATION IN THE NEW SPIRIT: The author attributes the ‘decadence of the German youth spirit’ to Republican political education. He allots to the Nazi Reich the task of raising German youth with a deeply-imbedded sense of ‘loyalty, comradeship, brotherhood, and esprit de corps.’ This will be accomplished by training Germans in ‘inner-able-bodiedness.’”

 Readers of my blog on Arne Duncan’s statism, part two ( with reference to Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences will find this item unsurprising:

“92. Becker, F. Die Intelligenzpruefung unter voelkischem und typologischem Gesichtspunkt. Ein Beitrag zum Problem der Auslese. [they then cite a lengthy article from 1938]

INTELLIGENCE TESTING FROM THE RACIAL AND TYPOLOGICAL POINT OF VIEW: A disciple of Jaensch criticizes intelligence test methods devised by American and German-Jewish psychologists. The American system is held to be too rigid and standardized, while pre-Hitler German psychologists overestimated the value of “pure intellect.” The author denies the existence of a homogeneous form of intelligence and maintains that intelligence is dependent on “types” and racial character. In the strident language of a pamphleteer, he demands the adaptation of typology and racism to intelligence testing.”

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