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March 19, 2010

Dr. James Pagano on Obamacare

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Hygeia: Roman copy of Greek statue, in Hermitage Museum

[This is a guest blog by my friend, emergency room physician, Dr. James Pagano:]

“The longer this drags on the more obvious it becomes that the bill is a complete disaster and the process of getting it passed is bordering on criminal.  The cost estimates are completely trumped up, the deficit reduction Obama is touting is a fantasy.  The end result if this is passed and allowed to actually go into effect will be a severe erosion of health care in this country for everyone for the alleged benefit of the few–alleged because they will be given the equivalent of Medicaid, which is almost worthless, at the cost of degrading Medicare to a level of near-worthlessness, increased taxes on just about everyone who actually pays taxes, decreased access to physicians, limited choices of therapies, extreme rationing of services to the elderly and ‘non-productive’, and the eventual creation of a single-payor system run entirely by the government, with annual escalations in the cost that will cripple our ability to maintain any sort of leadership role in the world.

 But that’s the whole point, isn’t it?  Obama doesn’t care about our health.  He cares about creating the socialist utopia–the utopia that has never been realized in the past though it has been tried on numerous sad occasions.  He doesn’t want the U.S to play a leadership role, he wants us to succumb to a new world order.  He is so ridiculously naive and ideological it depresses me that so many seemingly intelligent people were fooled by his smooth rhetoric, and that many are still unable to see through his systematic, ‘do whatever it takes’, lies and deception.

 Many physicians understand that this will be the final, fatal blow to their careers.  The trial lawyers, (think John Edwards here), have succeeded in taking the joy out of the profession, and now the socialists will take away our ability to earn the sort of decent living we deserve doing the essential, stressful, time- and education-intensive work we do.

 Our hope lies in the up-coming elections.  To save health care, and our entire way of life, we must get the democrats out of office.  If we can do this, much of what Obama is trying to do can be undone.  There will be a spate of legal challenges to this bill the minute it passes–these, too, offer a measure of hope.  Finally, we have to make certain that this president does not last more than one term.”

[Clare: my father was a physician who always treated poor and lower-middle class patients. He was opposed to socialized medicine in any form. Non-physicians may have little idea of the stress and danger experienced by idealistic doctors.]

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